Mazda RX-8
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Decision Calculator: Buy vs. Lease
Vehicle Costs & Credits
Vehicle Sales Price (Before Customer Cash Rebate):   + $
Sales Tax*:
+ $
Title, Registration & Other Costs:   + $
Customer Cash Rebate:   – $
Cash Down Payment:   – $
My Trade-In Value:   – $
Estimated Payoff on My Trade-in:   + $
Decision: Buy Financing
Finance Term (months):
Market Finance Rate (APR):
Decision: Lease Financing
Lease Term (months):
Lease Residual Value: $
Money Factor:
Miles Driven per Year:
Acquisition Fee: $
Security Deposit: $

To calculate results, please enter data in the fields above.

Excludes any local supplement. Sales tax rates and the method of application vary by locality - for example, local regulations may permit you to deduct the value of your trade-in prior to calculating the sales tax on your new vehicle sales price; consult your local dealer for details.

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